Stan Lee Recently worked on Super Hero before he died

Stan Lee was known to many as the creator of the immortal hero. Comic book legend, right before he died, with the help of her daughter, has created a new superhero.

Some of the characters created by Stan Lee comic book turned out to be the biggest in the history of names. Spider-man, Black Panther and fantastic four as well as the works of Stan Lee, he’s working on a new character until the day he died.TMZ interviewing Lee, the daughter of J.C., father of Dirt in a final character creation aid Man, he said

For the rest of his life trying to create a character with his own father, trying to convince representing J.C., working on the Dirt Man character.J. c. also said plans for the character. Beneath the dirt Man and kirtle would be a character, will handle what love is all about team character has not finished yet, J.C., who said that and said it would be a very interesting character.

Whether a plan like a movie character liberation asked J.C.just say, “I hope I can come to that point.” do you mean.

J. c. Additionally, Stan Lee said that it also plans to establish children’s Literacy Association. Agent and stressed the importance of children to read, “Stan” Stan The Man “one of the reasons was the art very seriously.”He said.

Stan Lee, who died in recent days, 95 years old. It adds to the Marvel Universe, the famous artist’s characters include Spider-man, the fantastic four, the original X-Men, Hulk, Iron Man, Doctor Doom and Galactus as important characters.