It’s Just A Nail That You Wouldn’t Believe Until The Lion Fish


Makes 30 meters below the level of the ocean dive a diver, nail in lionfish photos.
8 km off the coast of Florida coast diving Steven Kovacs, one of the most spectacular displays of the Atlantic Ocean, the macro-size photos live.

The most photogenic creatures underwater world include deserving cause this title of the lionfish, shown in the show.

Divers often encounter known lionfish photographed these creatures not possible. There are two reasons for this: first of all, I just mentioned is only about the size of a thumbnail to Lionfish and photographing very difficult.Second, it is the reason a poisoned needle transports. For this reason, divers try to approach this creature is too.

The former corresponds to this wonderful creature Bai Kovacs, a 50-year-old dentist scuba divers as a hobby. To take the photos came out looking for a lionfish Lavras has. This fish and exquisite palette of colors that are visible, indicating that the lucky to Kovacs could not hide the excitement.