“It’s going to be 12 to 20 thousand dollars next year Bitcoin”

Worldwide through the company, BitPay who pay crypto-COO of Sunny Singh gave an interview at the Bloomberg channel. According to Singh, a year after the price of 12 thousand to 20 thousand dollars Bitcoin between a point will rise.

Bitcoin market decline to 32% in a month and in spite of losing the value of Bitcoin, company CEO BitPay Sunny Singh from the future hopeful. According to a subsequent surge in the price of Bitcoin Singh, 2019 will be in the year. The source of this surge is like financial giants Fidelity and Intercontinental Exchange, due to their own crypto money.

According to Singh, these giants invest in money markets with crypto Bitcoin will flight prices. According to the expert’s expectations Bitcoin 2019 ‘ at 12 to 20 thousand dollars, will exceed $15,000 at the end of the year.

Singh, also interested in the structural change in the cryptocurrency market. Crypto holds an important place in the money market to open to the public, indicating that he was planning some firms by name, this has a positive effect on the market.

Bitcoin’s crypto coins laying somewhere separate from the administrator is the absolute market Bitcoin’s router, but what’s going to happen over time to other currencies, said protecting the unknown.

Singh recently found similar claims in September.