Black Mirror came true: China, 200 Million People Watched the camera Started

In recent months China has in place ‘ social lending ‘ app, added 200 million more spooky with the camera.
China, when everyone stunned and mind-blowing ‘ Black Mirror’s 3.the first section of the season brings the universe ‘ social lending ‘ dystopian application to a top level.

9.5 million people in the Government, the East China city of Hangzhou in “your honesty” is referred to as a project within the scope of the program and citizens are implementing social behavior according to puanlandırılıyor.To comply with the rules, for example, benefit the community behavior in giving blood, while the good points, against the rules for each State points reached, are running out of time.

The effect of life points is pretty serious; plane or train is the journeys of independence, bode well for finding work and social campaign to discredit.

At the same time, 200 million cameras equipped with face recognition technology, the entire city is being watched and to be able to detect any movements of citizens in the name of crime tracked
The social credit program is expected to be available in Beijing until 2021. George Westinghouse, bringing increased a dystopian world that George Orwell’s 1984 ‘ individual privacy in the application, has been criticized because of the coup revealed rather.