Crypto money market very hard in the fall!

Last month began to decline rapidly crypto money market is getting worse for a Halo. The market has shrunk so much that the volume of the market now, a famous fast-food chain is less than the total volume.
The power of the GPU, CPU, HDD, as parts of the bounty with virtual money, popularity and value of crypto are rapidly losing.
One of the most popular and most valuable currency is Bitcoin’s unit, while the $19,000 this year, for the moment, Bitcoin unit price $3600 levels.
The most popular example is Bitcoin’s, particularly with regard to an instantiated again, but to explain the gravity of the situation. Just not all currencies on the market, Bitcoin values continue to fall rapidly. So much so that today, the total volume of all crypto money market, the famous fast food chain McDonald’s has a lower volume than.
McDonald’s, 140 billion dollars, while the total value of the entire market value is now $139 billion. The numbers are too large, though, we’re talking about how small or large of McDonald’s is not. The important thing here is part of a money market, from a company that has fallen to a smaller size. This is crypto’s reputation in the eyes of people falling out of the money market.
819 billion dollars in last year’s market value is corresponding to a number. This is just within a year, more than 80% of the market showed the decline means