Elon Musk Announced 70 Percent Likely to Mars are migrated

The pioneers of the Mars research is aimed at sending a rocket to the planet and Elon Musk, 70 percent said he would likely settle in there.
Elon Musk’s love of red planet out. Speaking about Mars at every opportunity, entrepreneur, said he wanted to die on Mars before.70 percent chance of moving there now.
HBO’s documentary series Axioo NVS to deny involvement and thanks to many recent breakthroughs has become able to journey to Mars saying Musk, as before, he said he was going there.
“For rich people to go to Mars, an escape plan” also claims that it is opposed to Musk, the Mars people to continually will work in setting up the base and will fight the hard nature conditions. You can also cut back, indicating that entrepreneurs only, not related to combat with the rich of their journey to Mars.
Musk’s optimist attitude of confidence to the rocket under and, as a result of the latest developments on Mars needs such as shelter, food will ensure the emergence of technologies able to meet.