The Most Annoying Update Whatsapp History On The Road

The world’s most popular instant messaging application WhatsApp will post at a later date not far with the update will begin to show ads to users.

7 years in the year 2014 and who has worked on WhatsApp Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp from Facebook of operation wrapped with CBO, Neeraj Arora, recently resigned from a post and share via Facebook from WhatsApp He had announced. Arora, who resigned from WhatsApp 3 in the last year.While top executives of the world’s most popular instant messaging application that is slowly starting to enlightenment experienced by molting.

WAbetainfo by WhatsApp beta code within a new 450 million active users, according to Facebook, which is known to WhatsApp status updates will begin showing ads in the property. So when you move between status updates on WhatsApp Instagram Stories as in you will be greeted by advertisements.WAbetainfo, Twitter followers after that ad feature will continue to use WhatsApp?He asked. From the moment participants from 41% will stop using WhatsApp ad shows, he said.

The reason for separation from WhatsApp executives.Facebook, Facebook users just like WhatsApp and Instagram like targeting ads to show in. So you can attract your interest when determining ads display ads to selected. The company is allocated to the analysis of user data, WhatsApp managers and does not want to be shown ads should aim. According to them, this method, personal privacy and reliability enhancements that may cause some question marks.